Introducing Viento Solar

IvanFarinasMemorias[EN] With the conception of cuban music one normally imagines the rythms and sounds of son and salsa. But nevertheless, in Cuba still exists an ambitious scene of rock`n roll music, which had been ignored for several years as by the cuban officials as well as by international music production labels.

Now, caused by beginning political opening and economic prosperity by degrees, it`s coming to a revival and renewal of cuban rock music. The rock cubano is as loud and rough as poetic and variegated – and not yet recognized by the international auditory. Ivan Fariñas de Armas, bandleader of the cuban rock`n roll-band Viento Solar, is, as one of the few continuing rock-musicians in Cuba, a living legend and mentor for younger musicians as well. He passed decades of ignorance and persecution to his work. Now, the official cuban music label EGREM published his first CD ( Viento Solar – Memorias de Ivan Fariñas ) – finally after more then 30 years of composing and playing rock music in Cuba.


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